Sunday, September 23, 2012

Journey to Financial Epiphany

Financial freedom sounds like a dream.  It's something a lot of people work towards, but not many people that I know ever achieve.  It's certainly something that we've been working towards....for years.  Budgeting, cutting back on unnecessary things in our life, and raises at work almost yearly have certainly put us in a better place, but the end still seems so far away.  A friend at work lent me his Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University CD set a few months ago.  My partner and I listened to them together, learned a lot about ourselves, and had a few words and tears together.  We decided we were really going to buckle down and try.  Of course what happened the first month?  The air conditioner goes out, the car has to go in the shop, the truck has to have new tires, the car has to have new tires.  Budget?  What budget?  So, the next month is a do-over.  You have to start somewhere, right?  Then came the epiphany....

"Let's move to Florida."
"Huh?  Are you serious?"
"Yeah, let's do it!  What's holding us back?"

We'd nonchalantly talked about it for years.  How one day we'd like to live closer to the beach.  I grew up in the panhandle of Florida.  Sunshine, white sugar sand beaches, hurricanes, hotness and all.  The beach is one of those things that you hardly ever get to appreciate when you live there, but once you leave you miss is it so much.  Labor Day weekend, while out sailing with some friends on Pensacola Bay, we had an epiphany......let's move.  So, we came up with a plan. 

1) Sell the house.
2) Use the money we make off of the house to buy a smaller house/property (downsize), pay off all of our debt, and become debt free.
3) Put as much money in the bank as we can for 5 - 7yrs.
4) Buy our dream place.

You cannot imagine the weight that was lifted off of our shoulders when we decided to do this.  Just making the decision made us feel amazing, and we hadn't even taken a single step in that direction yet.  Neither one of us is quite sure why we didn't think of this before.  We love our house and our property, but it's not in the location we'd like.  We were settling and we didn't even realize it.  We have a lot of work to do to get the place ready to be put up for sale, but we're both so excited.  I hope you'll follow us on our journey to financial freedom!!

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